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To remain competitive, every organisation needs effective leaders to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Yet accurately identifying and predicting who has what it takes to deliver in these business-critical positions can be a challenge.

Making decisions about leaders based purely on their past performance and track record provides limited insight into how someone is likely to develop and grow. It doesn’t tell you how they will perform in a particular leadership role in your specific organisation. Without these critical insights, any senior hire or promotion brings with it an element of risk that few companies can afford to take. This is why we have developed a unique and rigorous one–to-one executive assessment process for senior leaders called aKumen.

  • aKumen predicts how leaders will perform in different roles, teams, organisations and cultures.
  • It identifies where leaders are at risk of derailing, as well as critical areas for development so that they maximise their potential and contribution to the business.
  • Using powerful assessment techniques we are able to provide informed judgements about where individual potential lies, the type of contribution to which they are best suited and the development they need in order to make the greatest contribution over the long term.
  • We also understand that a person’s reputation is separate from their capability. Our reputational assessments measure key areas of behaviour and style that are built around the aKumen model. This provides an indication of a person’s cultural fit in relation to the company’s competencies, values and behaviour.