Achieving business growth while navigating change requires adaptable, engaged leaders and employees -
along with an effective strategy for retaining key talent.

Align expectations and communicate effectively to mitigate flight risk. Build confidence in the change process and the organisation’s goals. Empower leaders, teams and employees to embrace and accept change, and continue performing at high levels.

Lee Hecht Harrison | Penna delivers customised solutions that incorporate manager and employee training with sustainability coaching to ensure engagement and workforce productivity. We help develop implementation plans that prioritise talent retention and build personal resilience throughout the organisation.

Our Change Management Services

Managing Change

Equip leaders and employees with the skills, mindsets, and behaviours to increase performance and engagement during organisational change.

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Building Resilience

Empower leaders and employees to act decisively and achieve strategic goals when faced with uncertainty and increased challenges.

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Online Change & Resilience

Provide 24/7 access to tools and information to successfully lead individuals and teams through change.

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