Change is inevitable. To ensure immediate and long-term success, minimising distraction and disruption is critical. Prepare managers to lead change now and in the future. Help individuals and teams embrace change, remain engaged, and drive productivity.

Lee Hecht Harrison | Penna delivers practical, actionable strategies that leverage our proprietary behaviour-based change model. Leaders and employees will have access to powerful tools and learn techniques to approach change more flexibly, resiliently, and effectively.

We’ll work with you to tailor a solution that meets your organisation’s needs and objectives - enterprise-wide or in specific functions and teams. Our scalable ChangeMap programmes can be integrated with existing resources and can be customised to include individual coaching, in-person workshops, webinars, follow-up sustaining change sessions, and eLearning programmes.

  • ChangeMap for Managers: Equip leaders with the tools, skills and insights to drive employee performance and achieve business objectives while navigating change and uncertainty. Develop leaders with agile and aligned change management skills.
  • ChangeMap for Employees: Provide employees with the tools, skills and insights and actions to perform in changing environments. Increase engagement and productivity.