Leading at the edge of the future. Developing authentic, emotionally-intelligent and inspiring leaders who bring calm, focus and clarity to all they do.

This is not a soft approach to leadership. It requires dedication, commitment and focus and the benefits for business, strategic decision-making, physical and mental wellbeing and engagement are hard to ignore.

Lee Hecht Harrison | Penna believes that in today’s ever increasing complex, sometimes chaotic and often distracting and paradoxical business environment, the very best leaders are those who are able to think expansively with calm, focus and clarity, to bring their best selves fully to the situation and the people they deal with. At LHH Penna, this is best achieved by developing leaders with an ability to create, at any moment, the opportunity to find a fully present and mindful perspective. We believe leaders who are experts at this are able to lead at the edge of the future.

Truly authentic and inspiring leadership requires leaders to connect hearts as well as minds with the vision and organisation’s direction - and bring their full selves to work. This demands a deep level of awareness of themselves and others, and to have the impact they intend amongst the ambiguity, complexity and distractions of the fast-moving modern business world.

This comprehensive programme draws on evidence-based management applied to Mindful Leadership - using the best evidence from multiple sources – including scientific research findings, insights from neuroscience, positive psychology, professional experience and significant Mindfulness teachers with over 40 years’ experience. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that Mindfulness can help people make better decisions (more strategic, more innovative, more effective decisions) whilst increasing their wellbeing at work.

  • Module 1: Focus In Develops self-awareness, emotional intelligence and empathy in the individual leaders to start to develop an authentic leadership presence.
  • Module 2: Focus OutDevelops a sophisticated set of behaviours for leaders to connect with others, including communicating meaningfully, coaching deeply and developing a talent.
  • Module 3: Focus on Everything Integrates the skills from previous modules and takes them to an even higher level in creating a vision and executing strategy whilst working creatively in complex matrix relationships for significant business results.