You have big career decisions to make. So what’s next for you?

What is a job search work team?

Job Search Work Teams (JSWTs) are ongoing project management teams of eight to fifteen candidates. Led by specially certified LHH Penna consultants, teams meet weekly in structured two-hour meetings designed to accelerate job placement.

These teams replicate the kind of work environment that most managers and professionals are accustomed to in an ongoing work group that focuses on specific issues, brings together expertise from diverse sources and accelerates progress toward goals.

Why participate in a job search work team?

- Expanded networking reach: The team becomes a core network, providing additional contacts and broader access to information. No one is ever required to share information or make introductions, but as they get to know each other, members often do.
- Job search support: You are not alone. You have colleagues. All team discussions are positive and effectiveness-oriented.

Individuals are responsible for their own search, but collaboration helps everyone conduct a stronger search. Access to an advisory panel: You’ll get advice and suggestions from a peer-group "sounding board," along with professional advice from an LHH Penna coach. This will help you find your own best solutions for a wide range of job search issues.