• Brexit Breakout – The status of your EU employees

    There are estimated to be three million people in the United Kingdom whose right to live and work here currently depends on free movement.

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  • Business transformation and the leadership revolution

    Every business undergoes change. Revenues rise and fall; new product lines are developed; employees retire and are replaced by younger workers with different attitudes and skill sets. It is how they cope with these changes, both internal and external, that determines their future success and continued growth - or their decline into irrelevance.

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  • Great Expectations: Today’s leaders need to be good. At everything.

    In our latest research we asked hiring managers to rank the importance of core leadership competencies when assessing managers at three levels: frontline, mid-level and senior executive. Our results revealed employers expect more of all their leaders. But are their expectations realistic?

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  • Navigating 'The Weakest Link'

    By Matt Russell, Managing Director, Talent
    In our current climate of hung parliaments and unexpected election results (both at home and overseas), talk of leadership is ever more present. As business leaders, we are now not only asked to manage leadership potential, but also to identify and nurture it in the hope of building the leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Building and leading diversity in teams

    By Nicola Sullivan, UK Sales Director
    In our ever changing and always-on culture, driving productivity is of course still the paramount issue concerning business leaders. And productivity is the outcome of complex matrix of elements that drive employee engagement.

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